Dr. Catherine V. Stringfellow, Ph.D.
Department of Computer Science
College of Science and Mathematics
Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas



Spring 2018 Schedule

         CMPS 1063 Data Structures & ADTs                     M W          9:00-10:50pm
         CMPS 3233 Theory of Computing                           T R           1:00-  2:20pm
         CMPS 4773 Internship in Computer Science           TBA
         CMPS 5153 Advanced Software Engineering           T R          9:30-10:50pm
         OFFICE    M 10-12pm,  TR 11-12pm, 2-3pm and by appt


         Ph.D in Computer Science, Colorado State University, August 2000.
               Major: Software Engineering
               Thesis: "An Integrated Method for Improving Testing Effectiveness and Efficiency"
         ABD in Computer and Information Science, The Ohio State University.
               Major: Computer Graphics
               Minors: Programming Languages and Software Engineering
               Thesis Title: "A Constraint-based Growth Model: Issues in the Continuity of Growing Surfaces"
         M.S. in Computer and Information Science, The Ohio State University, 1986.
         B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science,  Cameron University, 1984.
         B.A. in Art, New Mexico Highlands University, 2002.


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