The development of a senior project will take place in two stages. First, students will develop a formal proposal for a project and then, once that proposal has been approved, they will work to complete their projects. There are any number of types of projects that will be acceptable and students are encouraged to be creative. In addition to programs for any conceivable purpose, projects can involve database design and/or development, telecommunication networks problems, and/or the analysis of and design of a complex computer system. For those with more theoretical interests, projects involving pure research should be considered. You are encouraged to work with others both in and out of the university in order to develop a project that meets your particular interests and needs.

Some projects are too large and/or complex to be attempted by one person. If you are interested in working on such a project, you might want to consider recruiting others to work with you. However, since the completion of this project is a requirement for graduation and since you all have your own graduation time tables, you need to design a group project in such a way that each member of the group is responsible for his/her own set of tasks which can be completed independent of the rest of the project tasks.

During this semester you will be working on your own and perhaps with others to develop such a proposal. This rest of this document describes what will be required for a complete proposal. Since there are so many different kinds of projects what is described may not fit what you have in mind. If this happens, talk with the instructor.

Design Steps:

All of this must be completed before the end of the semester. Upon completion, it will be treated as a contract between you and the computer science program. When you complete implementation of what you have proposed, you will have completed your Senior Project requirement. Remember this as you work on your proposal. A proposal that is too simple will not be accepted but do not propose a task that is too complex. It is, of course, possible that a project will turn out to be too complex only after you and the CS program have agreed on it. Well justified proposal modifications will be given every consideration.

Good luck and Have Fun!