Painting your Birthday in Mayan Glyph

In this in class exercise we will go to a Mayan web site and grab an image of your birthday in mayan. Go to this web site.

  1. Insert your Birthday and click convert. You should see the image change.
  2. Now lets copy this entire screen image on the clipboard using the keyboard press Shift-PrintScreen.
  3. Fire Up and paste into Paint using the keyboard sequence Ctrl-V. As soon as you get the following window , Pick Keep canvas size and then use the mouse to move the image around until the image is centered.
As a side note I would like point out another free program called MWSnap that you can used to copy portions of the computer screen. You can copy Any rectangular area, and an entire Window or menu or the entire desktop. This is the program that I use to grab all the images you see on this and other web pages that I create. If you are interested you can download the program from here. Enjoy!

4. At this point we need to crop this big image down to and image that contains only the mayan date. Under tools pick rectangle select as shown below. Follow this by clicking on the crop icon (see under the Image header)

The image on the above right should now be centered in ready for processing.

5. Save this file in MyBDay.png and also in BDayWork.png. We will work on BDayWork.png and use the MyBDay.png as a backup in case we really mess it up. Your job is to color this image and really make it interesting. My web page has a simpler version that I did and below we see one that Rrazarta a past student of mine did. She expanded the back ground and colored it using a variety of methods including Layers and Magic Wand. You do not need to do exactly what Rrazarta did but I do expect you put some work into it and make it look nice.

At this point I will show the class how to handle layers and do some of the tricks needed below.

Rrazarta's Method

1. Choose "Gradient" from the the Tools Option
2. Choose colors from the "Colors" pattern, and choose the gradient's mode "Diamond"
3. Create another layer, name it as "picture"
4. Now disable the background layer
5. Our goal is now to color the picture, with different set of colors, to do that
we use the "Magic Wand" from the tools, so that we can select particular parts
of image to be colored.
6. After selection, we use "Paint Bucket" from Tools, and choose a color for paint and click enter
7. And we do the steps 6 and 7 till we color all the image

We will work on this Wed and Friday in class. Print a copy of your image with your name centered on the bottom of the image with your actual Gregorian calendar birth date displayed somewhere.

Addional references for those inclined. Please note that there is a lot of pseudoscientific paranormal psychobabble about the Mayan calendar out there (IE the end of the world in 2012 stuff, IE the movie that has been released). So be careful if you look for something on the web about the Mayan calendar using Google.

  1. Maya Calendar (wikipedia)
  2. Calendars through the Ages.
  3. A Mayan Calendar Video