DOS Command Line Homework

DOS is an example of a CLI (command-line interface). It is similar to the Unix/Linux command line interface and if one is proficient in working in one it takes little time to switch to another. Even though GUI (graphical user interfaces) are more common, CLI’s are still necessary and often used to solve system level issues as well as in terminal emulators and many programmming environments.

Create a file called doshomework.txt (using notepad++) and cut and paste the following questions into this file. Then open a DOS window and see if you can do the following. When each answer is discovered complete the appropriate question in this text file. Save often. The command help will tell you how to use some commands. For example the command help attrib will perform as follows. You may get similar help on any of the commands.

Here are some DOS tutorials. Dos Commands and another tutorial.

DOS QUESTIONS ( Note: DO you own work here. Just copying someone else’s work is a total waste of your time and mine and results in 0 knowledge gain on your part.)

1. What are the two common wildcards used in DOS? What does each do?

2. What is the command that will show the current directory?

3. What is the command that would show the directory of the C drive?

4. What switch parameter can be used with DIR command to show one page at a time?

5. How would you change from C:\WINDOWS to C:\ ?

6. How would you change from C:\ to C:\WINDOWS ?

7. How would you make a directory named MYDIR ?

8. How would you delete MYDIR directory?

9. If you were in C drive, how do you change to F drive?

10. Write a command that would print the file data.txt to the screen?

11. Sometimes file are read only(IE Write protected). How do you see if this is the case?

12. What are the executable file name extensions?

13 Which key will repeat the previous command (without retyping it)?

14. Give a command that would list all hidden files in the present directory. How do you make a file hidden? How do you then make it visible?

15. Change the file named harry.txt to

16. Suppose I would like to display a large file one page at a time on the screen. How can I do this?

17. How do you display all files and sub-directors( and their files etc) of a specific directory in a hierarchical format?

18. Write a command that will move a file named harry.txt to the parent directory.

19. How do you delete all the files in a directory? This is a dangerous command so take care and only delete files that you have created!!!!!

20.  What is the difference in looking at a dir in DOS and looking at one in Windows?

When you finish answering the above questions save and print the file and turn in next time. Remember to keep copies of all your homework in case it gets misplaced.

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