Email Homework

Set Up Email Account

First off web world needs to have your latest up to date email.  If not please fix it.

In this first project you are to send me an e-mail from your MSU e-mail address(Yours not someone else). Your MSU email account is now hosted by Google. The email web page can be found here. Please login in to your account to check it out and set it up. Then use the account to send me the following information. Do this before the next class meeting. If you already have an email address that you use regularly then go to the above account and forward it to your regular account. I will do all my emailing to the MSU email address. It is your responsibilityto make sure that you are on my email list. If you do not get emails from me come by my office and see what is wrong!

Check your account at least once a day.

All communication will be via e-mail, I will not attach myself to ANY social network or text with you!

ALSO, send professional emails, using full sentences with proper caps minus texting acronyms and abbreviations.

 The email you send me should include the following information. Use Copy and Paste to put the following questions into your email and fill in the answers then send to me at

Name:                                             Phone Number:


Major:                                             Minor:


What type of computer and OS do you regularly use?

Have you ever worked with DOS or Linux?  Explain.

Have you ever programmed a computer using a language such as Basic, C, C++, Python, Perl etc.

List other computer courses you have had(High School included)

Do you have a personal web page, blog site etc? What is its URL?

What is your experience with the following application? 1 low , 5 high

Word ____     Excel ____    Powerpoint ____   Access ____

Write a short paragraph on what you plan to do with your degree.  Are you planning on further education or do you stopping with a BS?

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