OOP Exam 2 Review

You need to study all you notes but here are some things I would certainly emphasize.

This section spent a lot of time working with classes that had a dynamic memory component.  Know the following

Terms to know

  • lvalue, rvalue, initilizer_list<>, iterators, auto, Range Loops
  • Be able to recognize lvalues and rvalues in expressions.
  • What is an rvalue reference?   ie &&
  • What  is the difference between move and copy?
  • What does the move() function actually do?
  1. How to write a copy constructor for things like linked list and dynamically allocation arrays in a class.
  2. How to write a normal copy constructor using deep copy.
  3. How to write a move constructor for the above and when it is called.
  4. How to write an overloaded assignment for the above and when it is called
  5. How to write a move assignment for the above and when it is called.
  6. Be able to use range loops with auto to print or modify a vector<int>
  7. Be able to use iterators to print or modify a vector<int>
  8. Be able to write a constructor that has an initilizer_list<int> as the parameter. For example, load a vector<int> from the initilizer_list<int> within the constructor.
  9. Be able to write an overloaded + for some give data type.
  10. Be able to traverse, add to, delete from and modify linked lists.
  11. Be able to write and overloaded<< output friend function as well as other overloaded operators such as -,<, == etc;
  12. When setting up SFML you had to tell visual studio some things.  What were these?

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