CMPS 4433 Communications and Networks

Instructor: Richard P. Simpson, Bolin 126E; Tel.: 397-4191

Room: BO 320,  Time: 11:00-12:20 TTh

email :

Text: Data Communications and Networks by Behrouz A. Forouzan

Prerequisites:CMPS 2084, CMPS 2433

Software: Visual Studio C++ 2017 or 2015 

General: A study of hardware and software used in data communication systems; the seven OSI network layers are discussed and compared to other implementations. Consideration is given to communication media, protocols, packet switching networks, local- and wide-area networks, high-speed networks, the Internet, and the World Wide Web. Applications such as file transfer, interactive access, web browsers, and server mechanisms are also presented.

Course Grade Calculation
Major Examinations (3)
Final Exam (1)
Homework & Projects

Attendance: Attendance will be taken at each class meeting by having students sign a roll sheet. Some of the classes will have an in class exercise that is turned in. If you are not in class you will not get credit for these exercises.

Homework: Assignments will occasionally be given to be done outside of class either in the labs on campus or at home on the students personal computer. All homework and or projects assignments must be turned in at the beginning of the class period in which they are due. Late homework/projects will be penalized. Not turning in the homework will result in a severe reduction of the students grade.

Laboratory: There is no official laboratory. We will use the lab in class and homework can be carried out on the students home computer (windows 10) or in one of the labs on campus.

NOTE: All students should refer to the current MSU Student Handbook and Activities Calendar for university policies related to class attendance, academic dishonesty, student responsibilities, rights and activities.


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