Introduction to UVa : Project Jolly Jumpers

In this simple project you are to first create an account on the UVa website.  Create a username that is interesting, mine is binaryman.   This will be public so make it nice! After creating an account you than then start solving problems on this site.  There are over 4800 problems on this site that thousands of programmers around the work can attempt.  Each solution can be submitted to the site to be judged against a large data set t.o thoroughly test your submission. If your solution is correct the site will indicated that the problem has been accepted.  The format of submission can be found here.  The problem I want you to solve is called Jolly Jumpers (10038).  When writing this solution to this problem I want you to use STL:vector<int> to store the data for each line.  IE for each data line you read in the size and then create and load a vector<int> of that size.  After processing that array and printing out either “Jolly” or “Not jolly” loop back and do it again.  This is a simple project that is used to get used to UVa and simple vector usage.  I will show you how to setup visual studio to work on this problem via a redirected file into stdin.  When you get the problem accepted print your source and an image of the acceptance, staple together and turn in on the date due.

As a side note if you are serious about being a proficient programmer I suggest that you solve problems on this site regularly.  I have one student who has solved over 150 problems and others that have solved over 50.  If you solve over 100 I will award you with a special Tee Shirt recognizing your achievement.  This is an awesome site and students use this site heavily to practice for the programming contest.  These problems are also nice practice for programming interviews.

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