Image Modification Project

In this project you are to search the internet and download an image of some special location.  In the example below I found a snapshot of some of the heads on Easter Island. Then take a photo of your self (I just grabbed a model from the web) and place it within this photo.  You will use to do this together with layers and a careful use of transparency.  Place the image in one layer and your photo in a second.  If you add a shadow as I did it could be placed in a third layer.   Make transparent all the space around yourself and then resize your image and position it in the proper place within the landscape.   Add any other features you like, such as a shadow.   Watch carefully which layer you are modifying as you work.  Remember that ctrl-Z will allow you to undo mistakes and zooming will allow you to finetune your edits.  Be creative here, don’t just do the project to get it finished.  If, for example, you have a photo of yourself diving, then have yourself dive off a cliff (aka tombstoning) such as the 27 m cliff in Acapulco, Mexico. Standing on a tall dangerous rock, skiing off a cliff, car surfing down the highway, or just about anything else stupid people do would be cool.

Print the image with you in it and with you missing.  Turn in these two images on a single page with your name at the top.

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