DOS, Unix, and MacOS End-Of-Line issues

In this day and age we are regularly moving files from one machine on the internet to another.  These computers can be running a variety of operating systems such as DOS/Windows, Unix/Linus or MacOS.  There is a problem though.  Each of the above operating systems handle the EOL(end of line) character sequence.  DOS/Windows always puts a \r\n, aka <CR><LF>,  aka 0D 0A in Hex , at the end of each line.  MacOS only places a \r, ie <CR>  ,or 0D while Unix system use only \n, linefeed, or 0A.

This creates a problem when we copy a MacOS file to our windows computers.  We need to convert the Mac version to a DOS version.   The easiest way to do this in your case is to let notepad++ do.   Load the file into notepad++ and click on edit and then se;ect EOL conversion.  Select the version you want and then re-save.   That’s all there is to it.

Here is a windows utility that could help Unix2Dos.exe.  If it is not there just search for unix2dos or dos2unix for a windows computer or a unix computer depending on which you are working on.

For a more complete discussion see here.


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