A program using conditionals, menu’s and interactive input

In this little program you are to write a documented program that solves the following problem.  This program starts by writing the following menu to the the screen and then receives from the user (via input()) a selection request of 1,2,3 or 4.   The basic problem is to calculate the charges for membership in a health club and print out the result.  The club has three membership packages to choose from: standard adult membership, child membership, and senior citizen membership.  The membership rates for the above are 120.0, 60.0 and 100.0 dollars per month respectively.   Your menu should look like the following.  The first 5 lines are generated using a print and the last line comes from the input() command, requesting your selection.  Note that you will also have to ask the user for the number of months.

Health club Membership Menu
1. Standard Adult Membership
2. Child Membership
3. Senior Citizen Membership
4. Quit the Program
Enter your selection:

Run your program three time so that each of the first 3 options is exercised.
Print the source and output and be sure and document the program with your
Name at the top etc.

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