Spring 2015 Tentative Schedule

Day Date Topic Other
 1  Jan 21,23 HW0 : Due Now
Downloading compressed files 
Windows GUI vrs Command line processing
HW1 : Due Jan 28
DOS commands
Introduction to DOS
Cygwin ( Linux on Windows)Mac Terminal Commands
 2  Jan 26,28,30  UNICODE UTF-8 UTF table
Number conversions
Octal and Hex
HW2 Due Feb 4 (Do twice)
Study: DOS to Mac to Unix file conversionPythonIntroCh1
 3  Feb 2,4,6 Start Python GUI

HW3: Due  Feb 9 : Read and study Chapter 2 then Do exercises 2.3 and 2.4
Class Lecture on scripting in Python ( no ppt)
HW4:Due  Feb 11:  functions1 
Download ThinkPython by  Downey
Download Anaconda version of python
More formulas
4  Feb 9,11,13 Exam Review & more functions
Wed:Exam I ()HW5:Due Feb 18  functions2
Skip Chap 4

Severance’s Book

 5  Feb 16,18,20

 PythonConditionsCh5NEW continued

Reading Python conditional programs

HW6:due Feb 25 conditionals



6 Feb  23,25,27

 Reading nested examples of loops and if’s

HW7:Due Mar 4 List processing


7  Mar  4,6


HW8:Due Tue after spring break String processing

8  Mar 23,25

 Finish up StringsCh8

Start Lists

 Some pylab examples

pylab tutorial

9  Mar 30, Apr 1 PythonListsCh10
 10  Apr 6-8-10

 This is a change of direction for a little while.  We will look at certain file formats for images and when to use them.  We will study Paint.net first.

HW9(MayaPaint) Due April 16th

File formats (png, bmp, jpg, etc)



 Paint.net (raster)

Inkscape (vector)

 11 Apr  13-15-17

Look at Inkscape a vector system

Exam II April 15 (Exam2ReviewS2015)

Fun with Functions in Excel

 12 Apr 20-22-24

 Fun with Functions 2 Excel


 13  27-29-May1

 The world of netlogo (homepage)

Initial Discussion on Netlogo

A  Tutorial is found here, Class work


HW11: Netlogo Turtle Wandering

 14  May 4-6-8

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