Image Processing Project

In this project you are to go to this web site and select one of the images of the statues on Easter Island.  You job is to use and replace one of the statues in the image with a copy of your self standing and looking in the same direction.  First replace the selected statue with a matching background and then create a new layer to put your image in.  Work on  your image in this layer until it is correct and re-position. The better it looks the better grade you will receive. Here is an example of one of the photos. Save the flattened image as a png and a gif. Embed both images in a word document, so that they appear on the same page, and discuss your methods etc that you use.  Do the two images look different?  What about their sizes? Also discuss any difficulties you had in the process. Put your name at the top and turn in.

and my modification is below!

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