Denosivan Study Homework

In this homework you are to download and process the Denosivan Mitochondria DNA .

Under nucleotide type in Denisovan and download NC_013993.1This is the entire Mitochondria sequence for the Denisovan pinky bone found in the Denisova cave in the Altai mountains.  Save the file as a Genbank file named  When you download it it will automatically save it in downloads under the name  Just rename it    Your problem is to now write a python program that will read in this file and do the following.  After you get the following printing to the screen correctly convert it to write all this to a file named ‘DenisavanData.txt’

  1. Print out the definition  in the form:  The definition is [rest of line] 
  2. Print out the accession number  in the form: The accession number is [rest of line]
  3. Print the list of gene locations.
  4. Print the number of genes with associated comments.

Turn in a printout of the documented source and the output!

The output should look something like the following.

DEFINITION  Homo sp. Altai mitochondrion, complete genome.
gene            574..644
gene            645..1598
gene            4259..4327
gene            complement(4325..4396)
gene            12339..14150
gene            complement(14151..14675)
gene            complement(14676..14744)
gene            14749..15889
gene            15890..15955
gene            complement(15958..16025)
The number of genes is # of which # are complements

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