Program Documentation and Submission format

Each program turned in for grading must be inside a large envelope (unless I say otherwise) and include the following: ( I will count off at least 10% if this is not done)

  1. A well documented C++ listing (IE printout!) which includes  Add the following to the documentation above main()  as a comment and sign. This required. I will not grade it if it is missing.
    • Heading with your name, course and assignment#
    • A introduction section explaining the purpose of the program, format of input data and method of execution.
    • A DISCUSSION of the final Complexity of this program.
    • An introduction section for all subprograms explaining their purpose and parameter format as well as the subprograms complexity.
    • Well thought variable names.
    • Other necessary documentation required to explain unusual sections of code.
  • I have written the entire program as turned in and have not copied this code, or parts of this code from the internet or another student.                                                                                                                      Signature____________________
  1. (If requested) A jump-drive containing the current assignment. Use one program per drive and keep backups of these projects in case I misplace the one you turn in. I should have the following software on the drive. Find a bunch of low cost small size drives for these projects.

    • source(*.cpp and *.h)
    • compiled and tested! executable(*.exe) <– many people forget this.
    • example data files (if required)
    • output files (if required)
    • nothing else! <– most people forget this

Use the following format for your program WITH the // and *’s as shown

//************************************************************** // Project #3 Rank and Range // Name: Richard Simpson // Data Structures Date: 09/12/2002 //*************************************************************** // Place your general program documentation here. It should // be quite a few lines explaining the programs duty carefully. // It should also indicate how to run the program and data // input format, filenames etc //***************************************************************** //******************************************************************* // ObjectName::MethodName() // Parameters: List them here and comment // Complexity: O(N) // A discussion of what the method/function does and required // parameters as well as return value. Also indicate the compexity // of this function (worst case) //********************************************************************

Note: It is very, very important that you begin on a program soon after it is assigned. If you don’t programs will stack up and it will become impossible for you to complete the course. This has happened before, so please do not let it happen to YOU!. Do not spin your wheels, come see me ASAP if you find yourself doing so.

Before you turn in the project be sure and test the *.exe file directly outside of the compilers software development environment.  If you are programming in Python convert the above to the appropriate format in Python.

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