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Word 2010 Bibliography Creation Support

World Wide Web Supporting Cites

  1. A Short youtube introduction by Hilary Pike from Microsof.
  2. Florida Gulf Coast University’s comments
  3. Microsoft Office Online’s discussion of bibliography creation.

In this class exercise we will use Word 2010 to build a list of sources and add these sources to a short paragraph inserting citations and the reference list at the end. Here is a set of references for a paper I wrote some years back, in another conference (CCSC) format, that I would like you to add to this little document.

[1] D. Ackley, and M. Littman, “Interactions between learning and evolution”, in Artificial Life II, C. G. Lanton, C. Taylor, J. D. Farmer, and S. Rasmussen, eds., Addison-Wesley, 1992.
[2] G. E. Hinton., and S. J. Nowlan. “How learning can guide evolution”, Complex Systems, v. 1, pp. 495-502, 1987.
[3] J. H. Holland, Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems, University of Michigan Press, 1975. (Second edition, MIT Press, 1992).
[4] D. Knuth, The Art of Computer Programming Volume 3: Sorting and Searching, Addison-Wesley, Reading, MA, Second Edition, 1998.
[5] J. R. Koza, Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection, MIT Press, 1992.
[6] V. Pratt. Shellsort and Sorting Networks, Garland, New York, 1979; Ph.D. thesis, Stanford University, 1972.
[7] I. Rechenberg, Evolutionsstrategie: Optimierung Technischer Systeme nach Prinzipien der Biologischen Evolution, Frommann-Holzboog (Stuttgart), 1997.
[8] R. Sedgewick, “A new upper bound for Shellsort”, Journal of Algorithms, v. 2, pp. 159-173, 1986.

Word comes with about 10+ styles built-in but we can download addition styles from Bibword. This is an area of software support that is developing and these styles have already been added to your lab machine. Software such as the free JabRef and the powerful and expensive EndNote are heavily used in paper writing. Although EndNote is not free it embeds nicely in Word and has many built-in features that make it worthwhile if you do a lot of writing. The Biology department owns several copies if you are interested and I believe the Library is in the process of purchasing a copy that all students can use on campus.

We will use the ACS Citation sequence (italics) style for this exercise.  If this style is not already in your home system you will need to download it from Bibword and save it in directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12\Bibliography\Style or similar directory depending on your OS. Your computer at home may not have the (x86) after Program Files. It will then work in word. The lab machines already have this style installed.

In this little exercise you are to write a short paragraph referencing at least 5 of these papers using appropriate citations.  I don’t particularly care what you say just make it sound reasonable. First add 5 of the papers to the source management section. Now add citations to each of these papers using the insert citation icon. When you have placed all these citations within the paragraph you can then click at the bottom of the document and insert the Bibliography.   You must first add all these sources to the source manager. Click on References and then on Manage Sources. You can add the above sources, one at a time, by clicking on New.

When you finish the paragraph with citations and references listed at the bottom in the ACS style add you name to the top and turn in for homework.


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