Algorithms Tentative outline

Class, Note the following.

Send Me an Email with ALGORITHMS as the subject.  I will build my class email list these emails.  DO IT NOW.

Dreamspark accounts for Windows & Visual Studio downloads will be generated on Monday, January 25 based on the student’s email address in WebWorld.  If there is no email or a “bad” email address, they will NOT be able to download the software.  Please emphasize this to your students every class next week.

Recursion Practice Problems

Week1:MLK day,  Jan 20

  • Chapter 1 and 2  Algorithms and their Analysis (complexity)
  • PPTs lecture1  (These are on Drive Y in lab 119 under my name/algorithms
  • Software:  Visual C++ 2013.  Get your copy running NOW!  (If you want to do your projects in Linux that would be ok!, just tell me.)
  • Project#0: Digit Counting (Due Jan 25th) Program Submission Format

Week2:Jan 25-27:

Chapter 3:Growth of Functions and Series

Week3:Feb 1-3

  • More Algorithm Complexity (ppts Lecture 3 and 4)
  • Recurrence Relations and Merge Sort (see ppt) (See video)
  • MIT Video: Models of Computation

Week4:Feb 8:10

———-The remainder of the page is not completed.———–

Week5: Feb 16-18

  • Continue DP.
  • Homework DP (class handout)

Week6: Feb 23-25:

  • Longest Common Sub-sequence(see video)
  • Matrix Chain Multiplication
  • Optimal Binary Search Trees
  • Project#2: A Dynamic Programming Example(class handout)
  • Solution of last problem on Exam due next Monday.

Week7:Mar 2-4

  • Exam 2 Wed

Week8: Mar 9-11

  •  Graphs

Week9: March 23-25

  • Graphs: BFS, DFS
  • MST and Shortest Paths
  • Project#3: Graph Project Handout (data sets) DUE April 23rd

Weel10:Mar 30-Apr 1 :  Mar 30 Last day to drop

  • Continue with Prim’s algorithm
  • Topological Sort
  • Belman Ford and Dijkstra’s shortest path
  • Study Kruskal this weekend.

Week11:Apr 6-8

  • We will discuss Kruskal today assuming you already have studied it during the week end.
  • Exam 3 Wed

Week12:Apr 13-15

  • Review of BST trees and augmentation of them.

Week13:Apr 20-22

Week14:Apr 27-29

Week15:May 4-6

Comprehensive Final Exam Monday May 11 @ 3:30

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