Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures Tentative Schedule

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  • Week 1 ( Aug 28-30-Sept 1) Introduction, Project#0 (EBB)Due Sept 6, Review visual studio together with c++ classes and constructors.  Weekend Practice for building a linked list list class.
  • Week 2 (Sept 6-8)  Complexity, Homework#0 Due Wed Sept 13
  • Week 3 (Sept 11-13-15)Continue complexity,  Standard Template Library(part 1), for-range  and vectors. Note there are two reference sites that are very nice.  They are and Make a habit of using at least one of these regularly.  I normally use Pay particular note to the complexities of the methods you use. Here is a nice refresher tutorial on Classes if you need some review.
  •   Quiz Friday on Series and Complexity, Here is Project#1:Linked List class (Start NOW! and test,test, test as you proceed!!!.  Use the built in class generator of Visual Studio to construct all classes that you need in this course.  This is required!)
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Useful sites to read

Lambda functions (Dr Dobb’s discussion)

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