Dr. Ranette Halverson
Chair, Computer Science





    To change the world we must
          be good to those who cannot
          repay us.
                                       Pope Francis



Publications Research Resume CS I - 1044
1053 - CS 2 Theory of Comp. CMPS 4991 CyberSecurity Presentations
Parallel 2433-Discrete Structures History CMPS1033-Web Honors Simulation







Contact Information

Office Hours - Fall 2017

Spring 2018 Class Schedule
CMPS 4663 - Cybersecurity ~ 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. ~ TR
CMPS 1013 - Computer Concepts & Applications - Online

Current University Duties
Chair, Department of Computer Science
Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests
Parallel Processing, CyberSecurity, Simulation

Hobbies I make time for
Playing with grandkids, Working out at the gym, Reading my Kindle, Travel!!!

Galapagos Islands: PowerPoint of trip in July 2012

EURECA Awards Spring 2017