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Loop Transformations. Study of fundamental concepts showing that for any uniform nested loops, all the statements comprising the loop body can be always transformed such that they are executed in parallel. This transformation can be done efficiently in polynomial time. It has a great impact to VLIW, or super-scalar instruction level parallelism, and also on high-level synthesis for special purpose systems. This work was supported by the NSF grant MIP-9704276.

Wireless WEB Caching Study of performance enhancing techniques like caching, prefetching, and push caching (broadcast disks) aimed at the limited resources and the dynamism of wireless mobile networks. An adaptive scheme, called Flexible Integrated Caching Approach (FICA), being developed at University of Texas at Arlington, which dynamically maintains an optimal set of documents proximal to mobile clients is the target of this study, which involves the development of algorithms for computing the utility of documents, development of an optimization scheme for determining the optimal set of documents in a cache, and development and testing of software that implements those algorithms in an experimental wireless Internet. This research is being perfomed in a consortium with UT Arlington and is supported by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board under grant number 003656-0108-2001.

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