CMPS 5203: Microcomputers

Fall semester 2002

Instructor: Dr. Nelson L. Passos
Office: Bolin Science Hall 126B
Office phone: 397-4129
Office Hours: MW 2:00 - 3:00 pm
MTWR 9:00 - 11:00 am
Class Hours MW 5:30 - 6:50 pm BO 100

Course Description: Study of topics related to modern microprocessors, including microprocessor design, interfaces, device drivers, interrupt system and performance parameters. Also discussed in this class are the use of hardware description languages on the design of hardware components, and the 80X86 Assembler language instructions used to access interrupt mechanisms.

Text book: None required.

Reference books: Introduction to Digital Systems, by M. Ercegovac, T. Lang, J. H. Moreno (includes software).

Computer organization and Assembler language programming, by M. Thorne or IBM PC Assembly Language and Programming, by Peter Abel.

Web page: Downloadable software

Lecture Notes:

CMPS 5203


August     September     October     November     December     Grading


Aug 26- A first look at microprocessor
Aug 28- Binary numbers and data representation - a review


Sep 2- Labor Day
Sep 4-80X86 Architecture/registers languages
Sep 9-Addressing modes
Sep 11-General instructions
Sep 16- Interrupts
Sep 18- Interrupt hooks
Assignment # 1
Sep 23- Device drivers
Sep 25- Device drivers
Assignment # 2
Sep 30- DOS overview


Oct 2- DOS/Windows overview
Assignment # 3
Oct 7- Windows overview
Oct 9- Boolean algebra/circuit gates (AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR)
Oct 14- Introduction to VHDL
Oct 16- Test # 1
Oct 21- Sum of products/product of sums - simplifications
Oct 23- Flip-flop design, clock
Oct 28- Shift register/ binary counter
Oct 30- State diagrams/ tables
Project assignment
Assignment # 4


Nov 4- Design of sequential machines
Nov 6- Design of an ALU
Assignment # 5
Nov 11- Design of an ALU
Nov 13-Memory
Nov 18-BUS
Nov 20- Control units
Nov 25-Test # 2
Nov 27- Test review
Nov 28- Thanksgiving Break


Dec 2- Control units
Dec 4- A 4-instructions microcomputer
Dec 11- Finals (4:45 pm)


Tests:  20 % (each) 
Final Exam:  20 %
Assignments:  15 %
Project:  20 %
Class Participation:  5 %

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