"Implementing a True Undergraduate Research Experiment"

( by N. L. Passos ) in the Proceedings of the Tenth Annual South Central Conference, in the Journal of Computing in Small Colleges, April 1999, Austin, TX, pp. 86-94.



  Innovative areas of Computer Science such as artificial intelligence and massive parallel processing are almost becoming extinct. Industry research focuses on very short-term goals that do not allow the freedom of long-term scientific research. Consequently, Computer Science professionals are not motivated to create optimized solutions or to search for more advanced and efficient techniques. This paper describes a research methodology that improves the motivational aspect of participation of undergraduate students in new discoveries. Such methodology is now being applied in a study focused in developing new computer architecture features and supporting theory. This creative experience aims to the preparation of future Computer Science professionals for a more innovative and successful career in the industry or on pursue of an advanced degree. This paper reports a successful experience in this area, with a promising future, showing how the students were selected, motivated and coached to achieve the research goals.


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