"Silence: An Educational Tool for Teaching Instruction-level Parallelism"

(by L. Plummer, J. Hua, S. Brunet, N. L. Passos, and R. Halverson) in the Journal of Computing in Small Colleges, Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 185-192, March 1998.



  While basic concepts of instruction-level parallelism may seem simple to the initiated, they are often difficult to teach to newcomers. This paper introduces SILENCE, Simulator for Instruction-Level Normalized Concurrent Execution, an educational software tool written in Visual C++ which shows instructions being processed in parallel in a step-by-step, intuitive fashion on a dual-processor machine. Instructions executed during each clock cycle are shown by SILENCE, as are the updated contents of registers. This software tool uses parallel scheduling information obtained from PRECISE-MD, another software tool developed by the authors, which uses the push-up scheduling technique to determine which instructions should optimally be executed in parallel.


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