"Precise-MD: A Software Tool for Resources Constrained Scheduling of Multi-Dimensional Applications"

(by J. Hua, O. Rashid, N. L. Passos, R. Halverson, and R. Simpson) in the Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, Monterey, CA, May, 1998, pp. TAA15-4.



  Nested loops, usually found within the multi-dimensional (MD) computation problems, can be modeled as MD data flow graphs (MDFGs). In order to optimize such loops, a scheduling technique able to achieve parallel execution in the loop body is required. This paper presents a software system, Precise-MD, designed to solve such problems. Precise-MD allows the user to input the MD problems represented by MDFGs through a graphical interface and then applies an MD-Scheduling algorithm, OPTIMUS, which is able to obtain the shortest schedule length for a resource constrained system in polynomial time. Experiment results demonstrate the usability and application of this tool.


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