"Performance Evaluation of Parallel Implementation of Nested Loop Control Structures"

(by S. Brunet, V. Andronache, N. L. Passos, and R. Halverson) in the Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on ComputerApplications in Industry and Engineering, Las Vegas, Nevada, November, 1998, pp. 215-218.



  The computer field has experienced tremendous progress over the past 20 years. Day after day, innovative technology has contributed to the creation of new systems, whose complexity is hardly understood. The implementation of parallel capabilities has contributed to increase this complexity. These parallel capabilities are being used in some cases to decrease the CPU time required in numerous applications such as image processing and 2-D hydrodynamics simulation where the largest amount of time is spent executing loop structures. To fully explore these parallel resources, different techniques have been developed. A simulation of these systems is the common approach to understand their complexity. This paper describes a simulator developed in order to evaluate the performance of a specific parallel algorithm implemented to achieve high levels of optimization inside nested loops.


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