"Extended Retiming: Optimal Scheduling via a Graph-Theoretical Approach"

(by T. W. O'Neil, S. Tongsima, and E. H.-M. Sha) in Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics,Speech,and Signal Processing, Phoenix, Arizona, March 1999, Vol. 4, pp.2001-2004.



  Partition Scheduling with Prefetching (PSP) is a memory la- tency hiding technique that combines the loop pipelining technique with data prefetching. In PSP, the iteration space is first divided into regular partitions. Then two parts of the schedule, the ALU part and the memory part, are pro- duced and balanced to produce an overall schedule with high throughput. These two parts are executed simultaneously, and hence the remote memory latency are overlapped. We study the optimal partition shape and size so that a well bal- anced overall schedule can be obtained. Experiments on DSP benchmarks show that the proposed methodology con- sistently produces optimal or near optimal solutions.


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