Fall 2017:

  • CMPS-4103-101 Introduction to Operating Systems
  • CMPS-5433-101 Advanced Graduate Topics: Scientific Computing

Summer II-2017:

  • CMPS-5443-301 Advanced Topics: Real Time Systems

Spring 2017:

  • CMPS-1063-201 Data Structures and ADT
  • CMPS-4563-201 Topics in Parallel and Distributed Systems: High Performance Computing
  • CMPS-5433-270 Advanced Graduate Topics in Parallel & Distributed Computing: GPU Programming 

Fall 2016:

  • CMPS-5133-101  Advanced Computer Architecture
  • CMPS-5113-170  Advanced Programming Languages Concepts 
  • CMPS-4563-101  Parallel Distributed Computing: GPU Programming 

Summer I-2016:

  • CMPS-5323-301 Graduate Topics: Scientific Computing in C++, Unix

Spring 2016:

  • CMPS-5433-201 Advanced Topics: Parallel and Distributed Programming
  • CMPS-1063-201 Data Structures and ADT 
  • CMPS-4113-201  Software Engineering (UG)

Fall 2015:

  • CMPS-5113-170  Advanced Programming Languages Concepts 
  • CMPS-4453-101 Computer Architecture (UG)
  • CMPS-1063-101 Data Structures and ADT

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