GPU Education Center

1Midwestern State University has been named a GPU Education Center by NVIDIA, a computer technology company that has pioneered GPU-accelerated computing.  Dr. Eduardo Colmenares serves as the center director.

GPU Education Centers are recognized institutions that have integrated GPU-accelerated computing into their mainstream science and engineering curriculum. GPU-accelerated computing leverages the parallel processing capabilities of GPU accelerators and enabling software to deliver dramatic increases in performance for scientific, artificial intelligence, deep learning, graphics, engineering, and other demanding applications.

MSU was recognized for its commitment to advancing the state of parallel programming education, and regularly offers courses with a strong and up-to-date high performance computing (HPC) foundation. MSU offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science.

Thanks to NVIDIA’s support, not only will CMPS students at MSU have access to the latest technology, information, class and lab materials, but also we, as an institution, will be able to offer enhanced accelerated computing and HPC experience to all individuals interested in growing, developing, enhancing, and applying these relevant and valuable skills.

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