Midwestern State University:
ACM Chapter

"ACM, the world’s largest educational and scientific computing society,
delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession."


ACM Registration


ACM DUES: $15 for the WHOLE school year.
*Pay to Chris Silva.
**This miniscule fee gets you pizza and soda at EVERY meeting, plus free events.

The above dues give you basic access to the ACM National career resources, but for a small fee paid to the National ACM, you gain access to one of thecomputing field's premier digital libraries.

New Professors


Meet our newest professors!
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Fall 2016 Meetings

Updated 11/15/2016

Next Meeting
     November 9th @ 3:00 PM -- BO209
Upcoming Speakers:
Special Meetings:
     Halloween Party -- October 30th at 6:30PM
          Venue: 4812 Dickerson st.
     Game Night - December 9th at 6:00PM
          Venue: Clark Student Center, Cheyanne
Meetings are every 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 3PM (unless otherwise noted).

New ACM Staff


Please view our new ACM staff through the Staff page.
You can access the page through the navigation to your left.

Comments? Concerns?
Contact us directly, or bug Dr.Griffin about it.

Who We Are

We are the ACM Chapter of Midwestern State University. The group is composed of students and faculty of the Computer Science department.

To become a member of this prestigous organization, please open your wallets and give $15 to Chris Silva. We accept cash or credit. No checks.

PS: If you take more than two slices of pizza at the ACM meetings, then you are a terrible being. Also, please pick up after yourselves.




    President: Chris Silva
Vice President: Matthew Trebing    
    Senator 1: Andrew McKissick
Senator 2: Cavaughn Browne    
    Treasurer: Christian Norfleet
Secretary: Zaineb Ramzan    
    Webmaster: Anthony Enem
Faculty Sponsor: Richard Simpson