Midwestern State University

Association of Computing Machinery


10/31/2014 Dr. Passos Halloween Party 6:30p (Please make sure to RSVP to Antoinett by the 27th)
A potluck style event with a costume contest, games, and a crime scene investigation!
ACM and MATH club members are invited.

11/09/2014 Next ACM Meeting at Bolin

Local Chapter

We are the Midwestern State University Chapter of the ACM. Our goal is to promote interest in the field of computer science. We meet every second Thursday of a month during which we typically have someone from the workforce speak about their experiences. We have two picnics throughout the year, a Halloween Party, and other miscellaneous events.


President James Troupe: short bio?

Vice President Anne:

Sudha Mallavarapu:


The Assocation for Computing Machinery